Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Bad time for a nap. Yes, there is such a thing, and I never learn my lesson.

I have night time issues, which means I should never fall asleep in the daytime to wake up to night time. Borderline, PTSD, blah blah blah, related stuff. Anyway, I fell asleep at 730 PM, already knowing I shouldn't be. Well, I woke up at 845 PM. Surprisingly, it was still a little light outside. But not light enough. So I forced myself back to sleep. Anyways, I didn't wake up until it was light again outside -- 430 AM ish. Either that, or I felt really guilty about the piles of reading I have to do for today.

So here I am, awake at an ungodly hour, with a couple hundred pages of reading to go.

Schedule for today:

1000 AM: Catch some of the game at a local bar where they are playing EVERY SINGLE World Cup game (eeeee!) before heading to the library orientation. Or stay at the bar, if Portugal is on a losing streak.
1230 PM: Head back to Downtown. Who knew I'd need a thick sweater in summertime New England-like weather?
230 PM: Catch the Brazil and Korea game
400 PM: Public Lecture
600 PM: Back to hitting the books


  1. whoooooo korea vs brazil!! im trying to convince my work people to bust out some champagne so we can have a GOOOD time lol.

  2. You should just stay in the bar....wait..this is this morning right? World cup season...gotta be live and sleep and breath in it...lol....

    I used to skip school and test for the world cup!....I know is bad, but I had to do it...lol....

  3. HAHAHA i used to skip work for it too.

  4. LOL...bad bad bad girl!..lol....my mum asked me today if I didn't work today and when england played few days ago. She sounds nervous...lol...