Monday, June 14, 2010


I finally got to Ithaca last night at 928 PM.

Actually, I got to D.C. on a connecting flight, then got to Philly for my second connection. Then, my flight to Ithaca got delayed. Then, due to bad weather, it got canceled. Then all Ithaca flights got canceled, and so we were rerouted to surrounding airports. Then all those but the one to Syracuse got canceled. Thankfully, I had chosen to go to the Syracuse route. But then the Syracuse flight got delayed two hours. After bumming a ride with someone to Ithaca, THEN I finally got to Cornell. Also thankfully, I took two Klonopin for good measure before this fiasco.

However, I was appeased by a couple of things in the various airports:

1. I stopped by the kitchiest store I have ever seen, while at D.C. Everything was AMERICA! this, AMERICA! that. Life-size cut-outs of the Obamas and Sarah Palin stood out in front, and I asked the employee if she could take a picture of me standing next to them while country music about terrorist attacks, 9-11, and protecting the country played in the background.

2. Au Bon Pains! I could actually care less about ABPs, but they carry Harney & Sons' bottled tea and juices and Cape Cod potato chips, two of my favorite things about the East Coast. So I OD'd on some Harney & Sons while waiting.

I realized I was much happier arriving at night than the day. With my SAD (social anxiety), even the thought of simple things like rolling luggage around campus and seeing people in the hallways in the dorms makes me quite nervous. Fortunately, there was not a single soul around and I got to do everything in solitude.

For those of you who don't know, I am at Cornell's SCT program for the next six weeks, here in Ithaca, NY. The course I'm taking is The Poltics of Religious Difference with Saba Mahmood, and it looks like a promising summer. Productive, at least.

What I have seen of Ithaca so far is gorges! (Haha, get it?) There's one gorge across from my dorm window and I hear it all day, which I love. However, the actual gorge is very difficult to see now. They've put up chain link fences all around the gorges due to a spree of suicides last spring. Personally, I think this is ridiculous. If you're going to kill yourself, you're going to kill yourself. Not to mention the fencing is low and some areas are not fully protected. Me and another girl were pointing out all the different spots you could still jump from on our way to lunch today. Anyways, what you once could see was this:

Now, this -- where you cannot see past the first line of trees:

Well, I eventually made it to my dorm room last night, and what can I say? Dorm rooms are dorm rooms -- something like a hospital or German jail cell (have you noticed how nice those are?) While my OCD is very mild -- especially the actions (they are mostly the thoughts for me), dorm rooms kick in some special OCD gear inside me. So I spent the next two hours, untill 1130 PM arranging and rearranging. I've finally found an acceptable arrangement, and I even managed to throw some color into the drab room. THEN! I thought it would be a good idea to start a new blog at 1 AM, so between this and trying to finish reading Locke's A Letter Concerning Toleration, I made it to bed by 440 AM. The room is a little depressing at night, but I've been managing okay. Eating is not even an issue right now since I've been so busy.

Things haven't been too bad. This school is by far the most well-labeled school I've been to, which does wonders for those of us with anxiety disorders, lol. The first class today went well today, and for not having focused on religion for a while, I found the return to the topic quite provocative. The students didn't make me too nervous, and the professor seems invested and approachable. I even managed to speak up once in class! However unintelligible or irrelevant the remark might've been, that's a good step for me.

My future posts won't likely be as long, since I won't have to do all this introductory business. Till next time, then....


  1. Hey lady :) I love Harney & Sons' bottled tea too! Oh my, you should take a picture of the gorge outside of your window! How amazing!!.....the more I thinkm the more I believe I am not a city girl even I born and grow up in cities.

    German jail cell? seriously? -.-

    You are fast in your room. It will take me days to complete what you were doing....or did.

    Wow, you speak up today in class?! Good for you! :) I would never able to do it in the first class....the most I can do just goof around.. I am happy you had a happy class today!

    Thank you for sharing this! :)


  2. harney & sons? you do??? where have you found it? in la??? you have to tell me where!

    yea, every time i see german jail cells in movies, they always have like bookshelves and stuff.

    thank YOU for reading. :)

  3. Dannng Glad u finalllly made it! that sounds so hectic. That waterfall is amajjjing. super weak that its closed off. hopefully u can find a way to sneak in!! :D

    yay to hear about ur class going well~ more good times ahead to you :D

    take lots of picccccssssss :)

  4. harney & sons! I found them in whole food on and off. And when i was working in Venice, there is this little french/english market sales the tea as well.

    I will get some next time when you come back to LA and we can all go picnic!...Lina and you...better join us this time! :)

  5. And Lina is right! Please take a lot of pics for want to see! :D