Sunday, June 20, 2010


I know this is wierd, but like, I really can't decide what my blog should look like.

Like, should I be like everybody else who is cool and minimal and have an all white or all black background? Or should it like have design-y stuff like I'm in HS, and this is my diary? Or should I try to find a happy medium, which is where I think the current one is at right now?

Anyways, thanks for bearing with me while I put your vision through a circus of layouts.

ADDENDUM: I gave into the whiteeeeeeee.... OMG OK, now I have 424780912740 pages to read before class in the morning.

P.S. I think I'm gonna give up on the whole theme thing. Seriously, who cares?


  1. I love it white! Seriously!
    And I like the Neo green and pink for the lines!

    This looks good!...

    I enjoy reading your blablbabalablabal...a lot! :)


  2. thank you! you should also make your own blahblahblah i bet it would awesome! seriously!!! esp. w/ your neat-o photos.

  3. i think this layout is perfect. i don't like things that are too complex. i think it distracts you from the journal entries themselves. clutter-free kthanks!
    hope all is going well over in new york!
    wait, should i send your letter to a different address or will you get it i send it to the one i sent it to last time?

  4. took me a few minutes to figure out why i couldn't post.. haha. blonde moment?

  5. haha thats ok, ive done that a couple times myself too. thanks for the compliment. :) new york is ok. its getting a little better, but i still some anxiety.

    you can just send it to my home address (same as last time), since i dont want things to get all mixed up and confused here.

  6. i'm glad new york is getting better. just let yourself enjoy the change of scenery. i think anxiety is always going to happen with a new place.

    i'm glad i asked. if the post office is still open when i go out, i'll be sending that out today! you'll get it when you return?

  7. ok, ill let you know when if i got it or not asap when i get home!