Saturday, June 26, 2010


Just had one of those "Oh, SHIT!" moments, thinking there was someone in the bathroom waiting for me outside the stall because I saw a blur in the crack between the door and the post. Then, of course, I had to walk-run back to my room freaking out, with that horrible feeling that someone is behind me, following me. I think the whole (semi)public bathroom thing just freaks me out. It always makes me think of dead people for some odd reason.

Deep sigh.

Seroquel, why aren't you doing your job???

Okay, maybe it's unfair to blame it entirely on the meds. Especially when... ihaventtakenallofthemtodayyyyoopssssss. It is probably sleepiness kicking in. I just spent an hour writing a Facebook note about soccer instead of doing some reading. (Also posted below.) Since I'm done with it, I think I'll be heading to bed now. After all, I have a game to catch in five hours!


  1. Oh my god..that is fucking creepy! I feel that sometimes..not in my house anymore (I mean never) But when i was in college or camps....or summer camps..u know...with school. I totally know what you mean!...I used to think like that about the ghosts.

    Me either...I been spending so much time on FB, and didn't do enough on my reading and working..I have some works behind.. which is no good. :( But I don't feel like get on it yet....ugh..i should!

  2. sorry to hear you had such experiences. theyre frightening! but glad to hear you dont have them anymore.

  3. Ya, mostly when i was kid and teen! Omg..i used to think the same at home when the light is off and everyone sleeping!...but not anymore....

    Well sometimes when I am in a camp or something....