Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today, I drank milk for the first time, in what is probably years.

Growing up, I'd come home from swim lessons during the summer and drink half gallons in one sitting – I loved it so much. Now, I live with the sorry excuse of almond milk, which I don't even like. This afternoon, I poured myself half a teacup. I'm not sure why I felt so daring. After I drank a couple mouthfuls, I poured the rest down the drain. I didn't know whether I should kill myself or pat myself on the back. I walked to and fro from the kitchen to the bathroom about ten times, holding my head in my hand and pondering whether or not I should purge for the fourth time today or try and keep it down.

Well, I kept it down and I didn't end up killing myself over it. I guess I will try and pat myself on the back instead.


  1. you don't know me, i just found your blog but i'm proud of you for the few mouthfuls of something you enjoy. that's a stand against the ED. good job!

  2. You are amazing for taking that leap and drinking milk. I read through your blog and I love your writing. It's nice to feel not so alone in this black hole. -E

  3. Man. I hate milk. Like, SO much.

  4. Um so, can you put up another post soon? I'm associating "milk drinker" with "thumb sucker" and all I can picture is something entirely different called "milk sucking" that I made up in my head. It's awful. Make it stop.