Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today I told my boyfriend that I wished we could live together.

He said that yea, it could happen. Granted, this is no means concrete. We're both looking for work now, and I'm (hopefully) going to school in the fall, but don't know where yet. He even said he'd be willing to go with me to San Diego if I ended up there. (SD is two hours south of us in LA.) I'm a happy girl today.

For once, the numbers on the scale at the end of the night don't mean as much.


  1. that's what i've heard - that life starts to take over a little bit more and the ED takes a back seat. Sometimes recovery is like that.

    I found you through Flawed Design... take care hon. Dietcolagirl

  2. i hope this is true! im not sure if im at recovery yet, but ill take what i can get for now. thank you!