Thursday, February 3, 2011


I know everyone means well. I really do.

But I wish everyone would stop saying things like, "Just _____ to lose weight." Or, "Just ______ to feel better about your body/self." I mean, I have an eating disorder, I'm not effing retarded! I KNOW a good diet and exercise is what will keep me fit. I KNOW that binging and purging is ruining my body and not a good way to lose weight. If you knew anything about eating disorders, you would realize that it is not a superficial, and that would imply that only superficial changes such as diet and exercise are not going to make my ED magically disappear and have me all of a sudden feeling wonderfully content with my body.

And by those same rules and the same society who thinks that these changes will fix everything, people also assume that because I'm restricting I have somehow managed to have some discipline in a good way, and fail to see that insisting on eating only one salad and fruit a day is not appropriate. As long as I'm not binging, I am "getting better."

Like I said, I know people are trying their best to understand. But sometimes it's so frustrating = it gets so lonely in an eating disordered world.

Okay, end rant. I should be writing a paper, not a blog entry.


  1. definitely lonely in the land of the ED. no one on the outside 'gets' it. be strong hun.

    in other news i've made my blog private so if you would like to continue following i can only invite people by email addy so if you could send me your's at of message it on FB to me i'm Julia Panchuk with a cartoon for a profile pic. thanks hun and be strong.

  2. thanks for your comment on my blog - i agree with you, it's really lonely to be ED'd. first the lack of understanding, the judgement and the self isolation as well...

    keep writing, i'm glad i found your blog.