Thursday, April 28, 2011


"It is not possible to be obsessed with food or anything else and to be truly intimate with ourselves or another human being; there is simply not enough room. Yet all of us want intimacy. We all want to love and be loved.

Once we had no choice; now we do."

- Geneen Roth, "When Food Is Love"
This book has been really good to me. I refrain from highlighting one passage because it would lead to me highlighting the whole book. It's a must for anyone who has problems with food and relates love to pain. The above quote really hits home for me. Especially since I have been thinking about my relationship with my boyfriend a lot lately. I've complained a lot about my insecurities recently, and it has gotten to a point where I feel I am being unfair to the relationship and him as my fears overtake the reality of the situation. So I've been reflecting about it a lot, and I've found this book at an opportune time. (There are some more passages below that hold special significance for me.)

Back to the quote. I feel relief when I read it because I relate so much to the author's own feelings on love and abandonment. Yet, the last sentence scares me, because it is true. I am an adult now, and I have the option to make the choice, which I once did not have. I'm scared of being scared, and that's precisely how I got to where I am, isn't it? The problem is that I have no idea where to go from here and how. And even if I did, how do I overcome my fear of getting better (I know this sounds odd, but I'll have to dedicate a separate entry to that topic to give it due space.)? How will I ever feel strong enough to be willing to stand -- and fall, on my own two feet?

"Compulsion is despair on the emotional level. Compulsion is the feeling that there is no one
home. We come compulsive to put someone home.
All we ever wanted was love.
We didn't want to become compulsive about anything. We did it to survive. We did it to keep
from going crazy. good for us."

"Love and compulsion cannot coexist.
Love is the willingness and ability to be affected by another human being and to allow that
effect to make a difference in what you do, say, become.
Compulsion is the act of wrapping ourselves around an activity, a substance, or a person to
survive, to tolerate and numb our experience of the moment.
Love is the state of connectedness, one that includes vulnerability, surrender, self-valuing,
steadiness, and a willingness to face, rather than run from, the worst of ourselves.
compulsion is a state of isolation, one that includes self-absorption, invulnerability, low
self-esteem, unpredictability, and fear that if we faced our pain, it would destroy us. "

"We create drama by externalizing pain, by making things hard between ourselves in relationships instead of being honest about how hard it is inside ourselves."

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