Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Well, I managed to come out of this one alive. I can't say totally unscathed, but I've finally come out the other end of the madness. Sans hospital. Though in all honesty, I probably should've been in there. I just didn't feel like ending up in there for two weeks, when I knew in my heart that I only needed to be there till I stayed on my period. I also thought if they changed my med dosage it would be kind of misjudged, since I was PMSing and it wasn't my "normal" state. I also wanted/needed to progress with my thesis. It's so rare I get in work mode these days, that I really couldn't imagine giving that up for a week in the hosp. So, here I am.

There's not much in other news besides my ED. That problem, has yet to dissipate. Yea, I know on the outside everything looks dandy. I'm a little over average weight. I eat normally in public. I no longer pass out, have irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, etc. But it's there. And at this moment I want to let it swallow me whole. I'm not quite sure yet why. Maybe I'm triggered by being at my heaviest. I don't know.

Well, I have some stuff to write about school, but I'll have to update later since my meds are kicking in for the night.

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