Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Apologies for a lack of posting. I've been busy catching up friends and everything before I leave for the bay. Things have been decent, though a bit anxious about the big changes coming up.

The move is next Thursday and so there are a couple things I'm worried about. 1: I have yet to finish my MA thesis. One year since I started it, and I'm only five pages further in. I think about how in the world I'll ever finish a dissertation or a book at this rate. I wanted to finish the thesis before I leave LA. Let's see if I can plow through this! 2: I'm also crossing my fingers that my eating doesn't get too out of control as the moving date gets closer and closer. 3: I'm worried I''ll have another psychotic episode with so much going on. I am starting to see some warning signs. Not hearing the usual noises yet, but getting sounds confused with my name and getting dreams confused with reality more frequently. Gotta make sure I take all my meds on time and watch myself carefully.

Everything else is going decently. Please excuse my absence for the next week or so while I make the trek up north and get settled in.

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